Fostering Connections

What is Fostering Connections and how is it related to the North Alabama Foster Closet?

Fostering Connections is the non-profit birthed out of the grassroots effort of foster and adoptive families caring for one another via what was initially known as the "clothing closet" and a foster/adopt support group. As word got out, folks outside the foster/adopt community got involved and we embraced kinship families.

After a few years of meeting needs and connecting folks with area resources, Fostering Connections became a 501c3. Our mission is to provide support & resources for foster, adoptive & kinship families in North Alabama (and surrounding areas) who care for vulnerable children for a day, a week, a lifetime. Currently, we do this via the plethora of free tangible resources at the North Alabama Foster, the provision of custom weighted blankets, and hair care events for all ethnicities.

There are more than 30 individuals currently serving in some regular capacity so we can do what we do. They are all volunteers!