Shepherd’s Inn

The mission of Shepherd’s Inn is to provide retreat for Christian leaders to experience rest, renewal, and care.

Often times, leaders neglect the care of their souls as they sacrificially serve those in their churches and ministries. Jesus lived a sustainable rhythm of work and rest. He modeled ministry engagement with others and purposeful disengagement to commune with the Father. Our desire is to promote longevity in ministry by helping leaders learn to experience this rhythm themselves.

To be located in middle Tennessee, Shepherd’s Inn will be a place for church leaders, missionaries, ministry leaders and their spouses to step back from the demands of ministry for a purposeful time of rest and care, designed around their specific needs.

The inn will also host retreats throughout the year that focus on soul care and living in rhythms of work and rest, as well as being available for church and ministry leadership retreats.



Fostering Connections

What is Fostering Connections and how is it related to the North Alabama Foster Closet?

Fostering Connections is the non-profit birthed out of the grassroots effort of foster and adoptive families caring for one another via what was initially known as the "clothing closet" and a foster/adopt support group. As word got out, folks outside the foster/adopt community got involved and we embraced kinship families.

After a few years of meeting needs and connecting folks with area resources, Fostering Connections became a 501c3. Our mission is to provide support & resources for foster, adoptive & kinship families in North Alabama (and surrounding areas) who care for vulnerable children for a day, a week, a lifetime. Currently, we do this via the plethora of free tangible resources at the North Alabama Foster, the provision of custom weighted blankets, and hair care events for all ethnicities.

There are more than 30 individuals currently serving in some regular capacity so we can do what we do. They are all volunteers!


Huntsville Pregnancy Resource Center

For 35 years, men and women have been trusting us to walk with them as they make pregnancy-related decisions. Free and confidential help is provided in a non-judgmental and compassionate environment.


The Iceland Project

The Iceland Project exists to share the gospel of Jesus Christ and make disciples through planting healthy churches in Iceland.
How will we do this?
1. Identifying, Assessing, Training and Sending Church Planters.
2. Raising Awareness, Fundraising and Providing Financial Support for Church Planters and Churches.
3. Providing Theological Training.
4. Facilitating Translation Projects.

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Refugees in Athens

The Omonia Church Agape Project embraces, encourages, equips, and educates refugees in the very heart of Athens, Greece. The Wood family is being called to join the Omonia Church in serving these displaced, primarily Islamic peoples from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Iran. They are currently preparing for a 4.5 month trip to serve in a rapidly growing outreach that seeks to fulfill immediate physical and spiritual needs while developing a tight-knit family of new disciples of Christ from Arabic backgrounds.


JJ & Melissa Alderman


The Potential

Nearly half of all Togolese are under the age of 18. Urban areas are growing at a much more rapid rate than the villages. The “African millennials” are more open to faith conversations than previous generations. Togo has Africa’s deepest port, which draws people from all over West Africa for business.

The Need

We are working in the area where Voodoo from the world started and was spread through the global slave trade. About 90% of the people in our coastal region actively practice Voodoo. Lome, the capital city, boasts the largest voodoo market in the world. The festival of the black divinity is held every year in December where Brazilians come to learn how to do deeper and darker black magic. Togo is the 10th poorest nation in the world.

The Response

We started “Togo Palms,” a youth camp, as an effective base of ministry to plant churches and minister to a Togolese population that finds half of its people under the age of 18. A first church has been planted with land already purchased for a second plant in the city of Aneho, the former capital city of Togoland. We are currently training national leadership in the Togo Palms Institute to plant and lead churches.


Crosspoint International

Crosspoint International Ministries is an organization created to bring Bible believing churches together to fulfill our great commission by serving on short-term volunteer mission teams on the foreign mission field. It is our belief that the Great Commission is not an option but rather a command to go and tell those lost without Christ about his love and forgiveness.

Our ministry not only provides the resources needed to help pastors and churches fulfill their ministry objectives, but also provides endless opportunities for churches and individuals to fulfill the call to serve Christ on the foreign mission field. We are committed to working wherever God leads us to develop long term partnerships with those Christians God places in our path to give every man, woman and child an opportunity to find new life in Jesus Christ.


Arab Women & Refugee Ministry

MV is serving in the heart of the Middle East. The team she is joining has two primary components. One aspect is training and equipping national women in order to send them back to their home country to serve as leaders. The second aspect is work with refugees, which includes trauma workshops for women and a community center providing skills for refugees and the poor. M's role will include handling the administrative aspects, joyfully sharing how God is at work in the Middle East, and being involved in the community.


Taylor & Marci James

God has called us to go and minister to the people of Togo, West Africa and bring Christ’s Good News to the unreached people groups. We will be serving in an area whose primary religion is Voodoo. We will be partnering with a team focused on planting churches and sports camp ministry. Our vision is to plant reproducing churches in cultural centers so that they can then plant in more rural areas and to continue building and growing the sports camp ministry for youth, “Togo Palms”. Togo Palms has been an effective base of ministry for the past 7 years, planting churches and ministering to the Togolese population -- half of which is under the age of 18.


Evangelism in South Asia

We are students at BGU: a four-year college focused on training and equipping lovers of Jesus to take the Church to where it is not. We are headed to Southeast Asia for 16 months to train hands-on as fulltime missionaries, while also being students. The country we will be in is 98% Muslim populated, so our ministry will be relational-based. The first four months will be spent learning the language from local teachers, as well as, getting to know our community and earning trustfrom our neighbors. After these four months we will get to participate in a variety of ministries. Some of these are: Teaching English, working in slums, partnering with small business, and traveling to other unreached islands. We are excited to continue our training overseas so that we can learn to be effective cross-cultural missionaries. Above all, we trust God to equip us in all things and to make His name known among the Nations!!


New Day Foster Home

With loyal supporters, a dedicated staff, and caring volunteers, New Day Foster Home's core mission of providing life-saving surgeries and a loving home to orphans with special needs from around China continues to transform lives. Since its founding in October 2000, New Day Foster Home has expanded its programs to reach more children living in government institutions across the country through outreach work like the Formula Project and other initiatives. Every child deserves a healthy start and to know the love of a family, and our work makes these dreams a reality for hundreds of children.

We believe that love makes a difference, and we invite you to join us on this journey of hope.


House of the Harvest Food Bank

Established in October 2015 by Adam and Jennifer Walker, House of the Harvest is a non-profit group that helps the Harvest community physically and spiritually. We want to see the Harvest community thrive, and we’d love for you to join us.

On most Saturday mornings we serve food to families in need. We also offer spiritual help and prayer for those in need. As you can see in the table below, we are blessed to serve a number of people each Saturday.


The Hub

The Hub is a campus ministry serving the students of UAB. UAB is one of the most diverse universities in the country, as well as incredibly post-Christian. Campus ministries have the unique opportunity to meet with students on an almost daily basis. We are committed to building relationships and community amongst UAB students, while showing them the love, peace, joy, and hope that comes with the Kingdom of God.