Shepherd’s Inn

The mission of Shepherd’s Inn is to provide retreat for Christian leaders to experience rest, renewal, and care.

Often times, leaders neglect the care of their souls as they sacrificially serve those in their churches and ministries. Jesus lived a sustainable rhythm of work and rest. He modeled ministry engagement with others and purposeful disengagement to commune with the Father. Our desire is to promote longevity in ministry by helping leaders learn to experience this rhythm themselves.

To be located in middle Tennessee, Shepherd’s Inn will be a place for church leaders, missionaries, ministry leaders and their spouses to step back from the demands of ministry for a purposeful time of rest and care, designed around their specific needs.

The inn will also host retreats throughout the year that focus on soul care and living in rhythms of work and rest, as well as being available for church and ministry leadership retreats.



Fostering Connections

What is Fostering Connections and how is it related to the North Alabama Foster Closet?

Fostering Connections is the non-profit birthed out of the grassroots effort of foster and adoptive families caring for one another via what was initially known as the "clothing closet" and a foster/adopt support group. As word got out, folks outside the foster/adopt community got involved and we embraced kinship families.

After a few years of meeting needs and connecting folks with area resources, Fostering Connections became a 501c3. Our mission is to provide support & resources for foster, adoptive & kinship families in North Alabama (and surrounding areas) who care for vulnerable children for a day, a week, a lifetime. Currently, we do this via the plethora of free tangible resources at the North Alabama Foster, the provision of custom weighted blankets, and hair care events for all ethnicities.

There are more than 30 individuals currently serving in some regular capacity so we can do what we do. They are all volunteers!


Medical Outreach in Russia

Our partner in Moscow ministers within a Russian organization to those in need as well as her coworkers.


Arab Women & Refugee Ministry

MV is serving in the heart of the Middle East. The team she is joining has two primary components. One aspect is training and equipping national women in order to send them back to their home country to serve as leaders. The second aspect is work with refugees, which includes trauma workshops for women and a community center providing skills for refugees and the poor. M's role will include handling the administrative aspects, joyfully sharing how God is at work in the Middle East, and being involved in the community.


Taylor & Marci James

God has called us to go and minister to the people of Togo, West Africa and bring Christ’s Good News to the unreached people groups. We will be serving in an area whose primary religion is Voodoo. We will be partnering with a team focused on planting churches and sports camp ministry. Our vision is to plant reproducing churches in cultural centers so that they can then plant in more rural areas and to continue building and growing the sports camp ministry for youth, “Togo Palms”. Togo Palms has been an effective base of ministry for the past 7 years, planting churches and ministering to the Togolese population -- half of which is under the age of 18.

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Pastor Training in the Czech Republic

The Czech Bible Institute exists to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ and serve the local church through partnering together to teach and equip faithful men and women for the work of the ministry.

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Community-wide Revitalization

Jacob and Sarah Magers work alongside local and global leadership to bring hope, dignity, and wholeness to victims of economic, physical, and spiritual oppression in Masatepe, Nicaragua.

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Church Planting in Tuscaloosa

We are planting a new church in Tuscaloosa to help reach the 30,000 lost and disengaged students at the University of Alabama, as well as those across the city.

Why Tuscaloosa? In the last decade, the University of Alabama and the greater Tuscaloosa area have experienced a season of dramatic growth and success. As enrollment continues to grow, the need for new mission-focused churches grows with it. Every year nearly 10,000 students move to Tuscaloosa. More than 5,000 will not know Christ. This new church will have a strong focus on engaging those students with the gospel, discipling them, and sending them out as kingdom-minded men and women focused on impacting the world for Christ.

For more information visit www.BelieveInBama.com