Church Planting in South Asia

Reaching an undisclosed location with the Gospel, Tabernacle Ministries has a network of over 20 churches that have grown into hundreds of believers in the 10-40 window. 

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Evangelism in South Asia

We are students at BGU: a four-year college focused on training and equipping lovers of Jesus to take the Church to where it is not. We are headed to Southeast Asia for 16 months to train hands-on as fulltime missionaries, while also being students. The country we will be in is 98% Muslim populated, so our ministry will be relational-based. The first four months will be spent learning the language from local teachers, as well as, getting to know our community and earning trust
from our neighbors. After these four months we will get to participate in a variety of ministries. Some of these are: Teaching English, working in slums, partnering with small business, and traveling to other unreached islands. We are excited to continue our training overseas so that we can learn to be effective cross-cultural missionaries. Above all, we trust God to equip us in all things and to make His name known among the Nations!!

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